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Add AI to your Virtual World, Website or anywhere else....

With our custom AI Robot - Bobby (or you can call him whatever you like) - Now with Text to speech!

Customised AI Robot configured to your needs. We train him or her and provide a script to put into your object or you could embed it on to a website or maybe even in discord.

The Set up Price includes:-

Set up and customisation of your AI bot - Note, we don't just connect you to Chat GPT, we train your AI to know about your business and provide useful information about the environment you are in.

A lot of providers simply connect your site to raw chat gpt. Which means it won't have the up-to-date information you want to share with your viewers.

Our standard "Bobby" bot or we can change a robot or object in world that you have. Monthly chat allowance of 400 prompts per month (basic version) and ofcourse support!

Are you looking to elevate your virtual world with cutting-edge technology that engages users in a uniquely interactive experience? Search no further! Introducing our Custom AI Bot—designed specifically for the dynamic realms of virtual environments like yours.

This text was written by our own AI Bot, Bobby.

Why Choose our Custom AI Bot?

- **Personalized Interactions**: Our AI Bot isn't just a program; it's a digital persona that can be tailored to embody the character and spirit of your virtual world. It's built to connect with users, offering personalized, context-aware conversations that foster a sense of belonging and community.

- **Cutting-Edge Technology**: Leveraging the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, our bot learns from interactions and evolves to provide even more engaging and relevant experiences for your users, ensuring a cutting-edge presence at all times.

- **Seamless Integration**: Whether it's to act as a guide, companion, or an information resource within your virtual world, our bot integrates seamlessly with your environment, enhancing the overall user experience without disrupting the existing infrastructure.

- **24/7 Availability**: Your users come from all different time zones andwalks of life. Our AI bot is up and running around the clock, ensuring that whenever someone logs in, they have a friendly face ready to assist them, increasing user satisfaction and retention.

- **Entertainment Value**: Games, trivia, storytelling—our bot does more than just assist; it entertains. Keeping users engaged with a vast array of interactive fun that's customized to the themes and character of your virtual environment.

- **Support and Assistance**: Forget long waits for customer service. Your AI bot provides instant support, handling queries, resolving issues, and ensuring that every user's experience is smooth and enjoyable.

- **Customizability**: From appearance to functionality, every aspect of our AI bot can be customized to perfectly fit the needs and branding of your virtual world, aligning with the unique experiencou offer.

- **Increase User Engagement**: With its interactive nature, our AI bot encourages users to explore more, engage deeper, and connect with your world, driving up engagement metrics and increasing user loyalty.

Imagine the possibilities when your users can interact with an entity that's not just smart but also tailored to the look, feel, and experiences of your virtual world. Impress your visitors with a companion that is knowledgeable, helpful, and entertaining. Don't just offer a service; create a memorable journey.

Transform your virtual world with a partner that brings life to every interaction. Our Custom AI Bot is more than just an add-on; it's the future of virtual engagement.



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